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Off-Plan And Turn-Key Buy To Lets


Property as an investment is one of the world’s most secure asset class, but it is important to understand the market and how different types of investment opportunities are governed by different factors. When you have the right investment type, location and demand, it can be highly profitable for the investor. Some investors enjoy property investing on a small scale, whilst other are full-time and go on to build a significant portfolio. Whatever your circumstances and goals, you need to be aware of all the different types of property investment and which will be the most beneficial for you.

Off-Plan Property Investments

One of the big shifts in property investment in the last 20 years has been the rise in popularity of off-plan property investments. Off-plan investments are developments that are purchased prior to the building being completed giving an instant rise in capital value of property – the purchase price of off-plan property is generally well below the eventual market value on completion.  Furthermore off-plan properties are generally fully-managed by the developers or a management company, making it a hassle-free and hands-free investment. The rental income is assured for 5 – 10 years and net yields can be as much as 10% depending on the property.

Student Property Investments

Student property investments have been one of the UK’s strongest performing asset classes for a few years and this type of investment is increasing in popularity all the time. This is because new purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) provide student tenants with a higher standard of living than the old HMOs and student houses. The ideal locations of PBSA and luxurious living spaces makes it appealing to UK and overseas students, who are willing to pay more rent for innovative, high-spec apartments and student ‘pods’.

With student numbers growing across the UK as universities accept more students per course. There has also been a surge in overseas students coming to study and live in the UK. Student accommodation investments are also recession-proof because people won’t stop getting an education just because of the economy’s status, which means that is it safe and risk free. For yields as high as 9%, look at areas in the north such as Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Sheffield.

off plan property investment

Care Home Investments

Care home investments are another newer type of property investment that have become more mainstream due to the fact that they too are increasingly lucrative for investors. Care home investments are in fact the fastest growing property asset class in the UK. This is all down to the growing demand. The UK’s population is ageing, which means there are more elderly people living in the country. Many of those over 65 are looking for a place to stay with health and social care assistance as well as a fuller, more independent life. Seniors can find these needs met in a luxury care home.

Care home units are popular with investors due to net yields of up to 10% per annum. The UK’s ageing population means that government reports show care home demand is so high that the number of care home places will need to double over the next 25 years. That means that now is the best time to invest in a care home unit. The long-term, low risk, high reward investment assures high net yields of up to 10% as well as buy-back options above purchase price after a set number of years.


Buy-to-let property investments cover a range of property investments, which can include commercial, but mostly refer to residential properties. Buy-to-lets are probably the most common type of property investment, and it is what most investors choose for their first property investment because it is fairly risk free.

At Sterling Woodrow, we offer off-plan buy-to-lets which offer good opportunities for instant capital appreciation upon completion, or existing buy-to-lets that are being renovated and relaunched. These existing buy-to-lets may even already be tenanted. All the property investments offered at Sterling Woodrow are thoroughly researched and focus on getting the best returns for our clients, so many of our buy-to-let investments focus on areas in the north, where properties are affordable and yields are high, compared to London and the south-east. The best locations at present are the Northern Powerhouse cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Sunderland.

Residential Property

This is a popular option for first-time buyers as well as a safe zone for experienced investors simply because the demand will always be there if there are people wanting to live in the area. The UK housing market has been known to go up as well down, but don’t let the overall fluctuating market put you off, as in some areas, such as the North of England, the rental yields are higher than ever. It is important that investors do their research to find promising locations that aren’t too over-saturated with expensive residential properties, because these are the areas that will provide the best returns as well as a bright future in the property market.

The UK population grows at a rate of 400,000 a year and all of these people need to be housed. For this reason alone, a residential property investment is a great choice. Many investors will think that residential properties are hard to sell because of the competition, however, we can sell a residential property in less than four weeks in the right area. For an easy and secure mid to long-term investment with a chance of high yields and capital appreciation, speak to us about residential investments.

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Hotel Property Investments

Hotels property investments are in such high demand because global traveller numbers hit 1 billion each year. This essentially means that demand for hotel rooms equals a 6th of the world’s population. A hotel investment would be ideal for savvy investors who are looking to expand and diversify their portfolios.

Hotels offer great returns because of the high rates, which you won’t often find with other types of accommodation. For this reason, it has obviously become a popular investment for those looking for high yield returns.

As with all property investments the important factor for hotel investments is the location. You want to choose a place where you know people want to visit.


Sterling Woodrow are experts in sourcing profitable property investments for savvy investors. Our skills and expertise mean that all of our property investments are thoroughly researched. This means we only work with developers and management companies that have a track record and we trust.

We offer high yielding opportunities at good rates and assured rental income from the moment your contracts are exchange. Our hands-free investments are ideal for busy investors, overseas investors or first-time buyers who don’t have the time or have yet to fully develop their skills in property investing and management.

Proven Demolition Contractors In London

Demolition projects are something most people are not going to want to deal with as they won’t have a clue as to who they should hire. This is a tough situation to be in for the average client that just wants the job done in the right manner. Well, if that is the position you are in, let’s take a look at what the finest option in town is going to bring to the table for you. Why are are they the best fit? Why are they the finest? Here are the answers to your questions.

All Safety Regulations Adhered To

Safety regulations are important and should not be ignored. London has its own set of regulations and you will want those who are able to adhere to them as needed. You won’t want to get into legal trouble because those who are working on the project were unaware of what the laws of the land are. These are the details that matter and are going to ensure the process goes ahead as smoothly as it should. If you end up on the wrong end of this, you could be making a lot of trips to the lawyer’s office and that is never fun.


Are they professional? This is essential as well because when you are dealing with people who are not professional, you are going to be in a lot of trouble. They are going to waste your time and are going to make you run around in circles. This is where going with those who know what the job at hand is and what their role will be becomes important.

You always want to keep this in mind when hiring someone.


Respected In The Industry

Don’t you want to go with those who are respected in the industry by clients who have used them in the past? This is something you are going to want as there is no value in going with those who are not good at their job. You are going to want those who have been doing this for a long time and are going to understand what you are on the look out for as soon as you call them up. This is the value of the finest.

A demolition project is going to be one you might not have gone through in the past. It could be one that is of utmost importance in the grand scheme of things and you want to get it right. Well, if that is the case, you are going to need to call in the best as soon as you can. Why go with those who are not going to have a clue as to what the best approach is? This is a risk that you are not going to want to take. The best option is always the one where you are getting the job done and the rates are affordable as well. This is what you will get with the right fit.


Consider Factors Affecting Budget For Your Construction Jobs

If you have a construction job planned, you could want to adjust your projections to include the impact that will be felt from rising gas rates. As the price of motor fuel increases, so does the rate of items and services that have to be transported to your job website, which equates into greater costs for construction. In preparation you can also read construction news blog to get a better idea of whats going on in the industry.

Virtually everything associated with building jobs runs on gas. If it costs more this year to fly company passengers across the country in jets that work on fuel, that also indicates it will cost more for you to have your construction workers drive back and forth to the construction site every day. Next time you pass among these big dual-wheel extended taxi pickup with the device box mounted on the back, think about how many construction workers drive commute to and from building sites in those huge gas guzzlers. Those workers need to pay for their gas, and if they are getting hit hard in the wallet, they will have nothing else sensible alternative than to pass the greater cost along to you, in the form of higher per hour incomes. Not just labor expenses more when gas prices increase. Relative to the cost of raw construction products, labor costs are affected extremely bit. The genuine influence on your spending plan will be felt when you go to the lumberyard or home improvement store to purchase supplies.

construction companies

Numerous of the supplies used to construct homes need to be delivered all the way throughout the nation. And numerous of those materials are made in manufacturing facilities or manufacturing plants that run heavy equipment making use of– you guessed it– gas and oil. If you are ordering, for example, power tools or generators that run on gasoline, and those are made in a plant that utilizes gas to fuel its machinery and then ships the heavy tools to you by truck, you are paying for gasoline numerous times over. It begins to add up a penny and a penny at a time, and can quickly send you over your budget plan. Truckloads of concrete blocks, sheet rock, lumber, and fencing– whatever materials you have to develop your house, they are probably concerning you thanks to gasoline-powered transportation. And they may have built-in gas expenses even before they are loaded on the truck.

If you have construction plans, don’t’ wait for costs to support. You are better off breaking ground now, while the prospective spike in cost per square foot is still a subject of armchair speculation. By the time fuel attacks four dollars a gallon, it will be far too late to reassess your options. Strategy ahead, and include another 25-30 percent to your total budget plan, to make sure that you leave yourself a comfy margin of error, in case the expenses you listed suddenly go higher. And try to lock in agreement agreements for prices of labor and products now, so that they can’t fluctuate with the cost swings that might take place in between now and your conclusion date. That method, if gas costs stabilize, you will be way ahead of the video game and may wind up with some surplus capital to buy upgrades or other amenities you didn’t assume you can afford.

Not only labor costs more when gas costs spike. If you have construction plans, don’t’ wait for costs to support. And try to lock in contract agreements for rates of labor and materials now, so that they can’t fluctuate with the price swings that might occur in between now and your completion date. That method, if gas costs support, you will be way ahead of the game and might end up with some surplus capital to invest in upgrades or other features you didn’t assume you can afford.

What Are Enabling Works In Construction


Many people have heard the term enabling works in construction, but they may not know what this term actually means. They can assess that it is directly related to a construction project, but beyond that, it may not have an actual meaning. For those that do construction projects all the time, it is obvious that it refers to all of the preparatory work that goes into a construction project before begins. Let’s look at exactly what this entails, depending upon the project that is going to be started and completed, one that might be in your area.

Defining Enabling Works In The Construction Industry

Enabling works is actually referencing a long list of possible things that must be done prior to a construction project commencing. For example, if the construction site has an existing building on it, that building must be brought down, and this would be part of the enabling process. Likewise, there might be trees adjacent to the property that could be damaged, not only the branches, but the roots if trenches need to be dug for sewer lines or electrical cables. Tree protection must be provided prior to any work beginning, thus enabling workers to begin.

enabling works

Most Common Enabling Works That Are Done

The most common enabling works that are typically performed on any job site include what is called site clearance. If you are going to a piece of property that has any type of existing structure, or if there is a significant amount of debris that needs to be removed or recycled, this has to be eliminated prior to the project beginning. Another essential enabling works project is the decontamination of the area itself. Professionals must be brought in to see if there are any buried contaminants, or even those on the surface level, that need to be addressed prior to putting a new structure where people will either be working or living. Finally, this can also pertain to the end of the project, right before the building is ready to be used. Access routes must be created, perimeter fencing, access ramps for the disabled, signage provisions to show people where they can go, and of course a provision of statutory utilities to the site must exist prior to the finalization of the project.

What Happens before Enabling Works?

In some cases, mobilization activities must occur before enabling can begin. This happens after a client has chosen a contractor to start working. Before the contractor can begin the project, preparatory activities such as arranging road closures, preparing method statements, and getting all of the subcontractors ready to go is all part of the process. You are in essence mobilizing everyone that is going to be working on the project, getting them ready for the work to begin, which is absolutely essential to staying on track for the start date, and and date, of the project itself.

Once everything is set up, including the mobilization of people that will be working on the project, and the enabling works in construction that can get it ready for the actual job, the final part of the process is basically starting everything so that the structure can be built right on schedule.

Hard Landscape: How To Improve Your Outdoor Living Areas


Do you want to create an outdoor living space that provides luxury, comfort and functionality? This article offers numerous paving and landscaping ideas to help you create an outdoor space you will love.

Hard landscaping, or hardscaping, is the placement of non plant materials in an outdoor area. These items include walkways, patios, lighting, fences and other structures. Simply put, hardscaping is any inanimate object in the landscape.


Using walkways in your landscape design can help separate different areas of your backyard. There are numerous materials that can be used for walkways, including flagstones, cement, bricks, mulch and pebbles. To help soften the area, try using curves rather than straight line.

Patios and Decks

Patios and decks are great ways to improve your outdoor areas. These hardscape features provide you and your guests a place to sit and socialize. The materials that can be used include concrete, rock and wood. A patio or deck allows you to place tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture in your landscape.



When planning your outdoor living space, you need to include plenty of seating options for everyone. Seating options can be tables and chairs, porch swings, hammocks or built in seating made with concrete edging or pavers.

Water Features

Water features, such as a small pond with a waterfall or a pool is a great way to enhance the landscape. In addition to adding interest to the landscape, a water feature can be used as an entertainment area. A pool can help you cool off on a hot summer day, while a Koi pond is a great way to unwind and relax.

Other Hardscape Ideas

There are many other hardscape ideas that can help improve the look of your yard. For example, fences can provide a gorgeous backdrop for your plants or it can be used to hide unsightly areas in the landscape.

Fire pits are another great feature that can enhance the landscape. Whether you decide to build your own fire pit or purchase one from your local home improvement store, a fire pit can be a gathering place. Set a few comfy chairs around the fire pit to maximize the usage of this space.

Creating an outdoor oasis is a breeze when you combine the aforementioned hard landscaping ideas with a variety of bushes, flowers and trees. Your yard will go from ho-hum to a landscape that makes your neighbors jealous.

Searching for Civil Engineering Contractors London Area

Tips For Hiring The Best Civil Engineering Contractors London Offers

When it comes to choosing among the civil engineering contractors London offers, it is a good idea to know what you are looking for. There are many contractors within the city, so it can be a challenge choosing the right one for your situation. When you are in search of a good civil engineering contractor, consider these tips below.

Good Working Relationship

Any contractor you hire must have good working relationships with all the other professionals in the industry. This includes planners, other engineers, and builders. This helps streamline the construction process.

Fast Service

Check their referrals and ask about their service. Is the contractor quick to respond to questions or concerns? Are they meticulous when it comes to getting the job done?


Any civil engineering contractor should be prepared to present you with planning documents which outline the proper strategy and approach to the construction project. This plan will be the foundation for identifying material, labor, and costs.

One of the primary roles of any of the civil engineering contractors London builders prefer is to serve as project manager. This firm or individual will provide oversight throughout the project, ensuring all details are covered and plans followed. When you hire a qualified civil engineering contractor, they provide the right leadership and guidance to get the job done in n time and on budget. If there are any problems, they have the skills and experience to deal with them and find appropriate solutions. Just be aware that even with the most experienced construction project managers, weather and other unavoidable delays can happen.


When considering potential civil engineering contractors, pay attention to their experience working with your type of project. The more experience they have successfully completing projects of your type, the more likely yours will be a success.

construction company


Ask every contractor you interview to see a copy of all the relevant licences. A legitimate company will be more than happy to produce the required documentation and permits. You should also ask for references and then call these to verify the quality of the work provided by the civil engineering contractor. Ask if the customer would hire them again. You can also ask about their working relationship, adherence to the construction timeline and how they handled any problems. This is important information when deciding which contractor to hire.


Take the time to thoroughly research and evaluate each civil engineering contractor you are considering. Ask friend, family, and professional acquaintances for recommendations. Do some research, checking out company websites and testimonials. Ask the company to provide you pictures of previous projects so you can get a sense of their quality of work.


Of course, one of the major considerations is cost. Get everything in writing and be sure all the details, such as labor, materials, clean up, and what happens if they miss a deadline are covered. Also, ask about insurance to ensure they are covering all of their employees while on the job site.

Hiring the right civil engineering contractor in London can be a challenge. If you follow these tips, you are sure to find the right contractor for your project.